Even a Small Part Can Make a Really Big Difference

In today's economy, everyone is looking to save money wherever and however they can.  We know all about that.  We also know that the old saying, "You get what you pay for", often rings true - especially when it comes to replacement parts for your equipment. 

There is no substitute for quality, efficiency and safety.  When you choose OEM (original equipment manufacturer) you are not just buying a part, you are making an investment. 

Why OEM Parts?
  • A direct replacement – OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of your equipment. That means the part will be the same or better than the original.
  • No guessing – When you use OEM parts, you don’t have to try to guess at assessing the different parts available – the OEM part will be exactly what you need.
  • Consistent quality – OEM parts are made according to exact specifications and will work precisely like the part you are replacing.
  • Warrantied – Unlike most generic parts, OEM parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer and won’t void the warranty on the original piece of equipment.
  • Saves money – While generic parts may cost less upfront, research by companies like Manitowoc has shown that they can lead to increased costs in equipment downtime and inefficiency.